What you need to know about GMOs

Your grandparents, and even your parents, may have never purchased certified organic food, but our food and our world is very different today. You’ve most likely heard about GMOs by now, and if you live or eat in North America, unless you’re actively trying hard to avoid them, you’re most definitely consuming them (in the US alone, over 80% of all processed foods contain GMOs!). Whether you choose to consume them or not (please don’t though, really, PLEASE don’t!), we at least all deserve to know the facts.

Here are some great resources so we can make the most informed decision for our health, our families, our world, and our future. They’re also great to share with others who debate that there is merit to GMOs feeding the world – we disagree with them and that at all costs!

1. Nine Dirty Little Secrets about GMOs

2. Even kids know there’s something wrong with our food

3. A Cardiologist’s honest opinion

4. Some surprising sources

5. 6 Easy Ways to Avoid GMOs

6. Europe largely bans them and has strict requirements on labeling

7. 7 Graphics that tell us a LOT about our food

8. What to look for + what to avoid

9. Make Organic Popcorn and watch the latest documentary, GMO OMG


Every dollar you spend matters and is a vote for something, so let’s stop blaming the government and start voting daily. Put your dollars into food that is good for you, and grown and made by people that care about our health and our world.