Our Stories

IWM: Liz Waisberg

We spoke with Liz Waisberg, a clinical social worker in Toronto. We found out how we can all benefit from therapy, how to find the right therapist, and how she resets after a challenging day.

IWM: Emmy Mozdzen, The Jewish Museum

We spoke with Emmy Mozdzen, Associate Buyer at The Jewish Museum in New York. We found out what it’s really like to work inside of a Museum, how to give a truly special gift, and the path that lead her to find work she absolutely loves! 

IWM: Nancy Kopman

We spoke with Nancy Kopman, educational children’s music songwriter, performer, and recording artist. We found out why music is so helpful and important for children’s learning, what gave her the push to move from teacher to recording artist, and what makes her laugh when she’s on stage performing.

IWM: Carolyn Cohen

We spoke with Carolyn Cohen, chef and owner of Delicious Dish Cooking School. We found out how to keep things simple and tasty in the kitchen, the most fun and delicious bridal shower, and the biggest roadblock to eating well (and the solution!).

IWM: Sandi Silver

We spoke with Sandi Silver, founder of Cubby Cubes. She makes the best accessory for organized travel and organized kids’ camp cubbies. We found out what sparked the idea to create a new product, how she made the first Cubby Cubes, and how she convinced her sons to use her product. 

IWM: Tia Slightham 

We spoke with Tia Slightham who is Certified in Positive Discipline and trained in Positive Parenting Solutions. We found out how she deals with the guilt of being a working parent, her family’s rules around technology, and the first step to being the best parent you can be. 


IWM: Jared Kaminsky

We spoke with Jared Kaminsky, Interim Managing Director at Shoresh. We found out the best and most challenging parts of fundraising, what question he asks himself before he makes any decision, and the systems he has in place for when his brain fails him. 

IWM: Jaime Slavin

We spoke with Jaime Slavin, Nutritionist, Registered Dietitian, food educator, and an advocate for health and well being. We found out how she made a huge shift in her own diet, where she likes to shop and eat in Toronto, and the secret ingredient to living with a partner who eats differently than you do.  


IWM: Allen Zak

We spoke with Allen Zak, CEO of Zak Organics. He runs a 4th generation family farm and produces certified organic snacks. We found out why his green peas are the best tasting, which symbol is the most undervalued in the food business today, and where all of their missing inventory was going.

IWM: Sharon Neiss

We spoke with Sharon Neiss, creator of Day Ja View family organizer, and author of Me and My So-Called Friends. We found out how long it actually takes to write a book, the secret ingredient needed to be an entrepreneur, and which social media platform she’s avoiding.  (more…)